I'm Hoong, a 1990's loves photography, have a wide range of music preference, addicted to english tv series and the gym is my second home.everything else that happen in my life will be in this blog.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009, 2:38 PM

"VIRGINITY", something that has never been attempt. and now i'm about to break  my blogging virginity. Well everyone has their first experience. "BLOGGING", this  used to be something that i hate doing because i'm a very lazy person (period). I only  like to read them and not owning one myself.

What really motivates me to create a blog and went through hell to get the layout done is my passion in photography. FYI, i'm getting a DSLR soon and i wanna share all the pics i took with the world. 

I've seen alot of people creating blogs. Part of them became famous, some just stay on the line and few just quit half way after creating a blog. I have no clue what will happen to mine but i'll just give it a try and see what happen in the future!

"credits to JENNY CHAN for the entire layout of my blog"