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Wednesday, January 27, 2010, 10:24 AM
My Valentine's Day


When i 1st saw the trailer for this movie, i'm already excited about it. nope, not because its valentine's day but simply because i think it will turn out to be a good movie.

sadly this year's valentine's day fall on the 1st day of cny. meaning to say its a bad news for all those chinese couples out there or either party's a chinese. obviously family comes 1st so leaving the chinese couples to sacrifices the day where they can show appreciation to their partner.

but all thx to nuffnang, giving away 80 pairs of tix to catch the premiere screening of valentine's day 3 days before the actual screening. this is a win-win situation for  chinese or non-chinese couples regarding valetine's day. for chinese couples, you can celebrate your valentine's day in advance when you go catch the premiere and then celebrate your cny without any feelings holding you back. for non-chinese, you can celebrate valentine's day twice. once during the  premiere another during the actual day. all you have to do is to blog about your dream valentine's day with one of the stars from this movie like what i am doing now!

now, back to main purpose of this pose. if i can choose one of the stars in "valentine's day" to spend my valentine's day with. it would definitely be...

Julia Roberts


many might ask why not jessica alba or jessica biel or jennifer garner? yes their hot and i don't deny it but appearance wont last forever. they will age and they wont be sexy or hot at the age of 70. am i right? and why julia roberts stands out among them is because of her smile .even at the age of 40, her smile has never change one bit plus it makes me feel warm whenever i sees her smile.

besides that, i prefer matured woman rather then young  hot chick. 

well if money and time isn't an issue then.....


i will make her pancakes with strawberries and blueberries covered with honey for breakfast and fly to new york to get to her before she wakes up so that i'll be the 1st one she sees when she opens her eyes. nope, it will not be a breakfast on the bed thing.


after that, we will spend our morning in central park, new york. we will then walk around the park and have our breakfast there which is the pancakes i made. enjoying the morning fresh air, watching birds feed on worms and calmness in the park.


after enjoying the our morning in the park, we will then fly to florence, italy to have our lunch at one of the street-side restaurant. we can enjoy the cool air outdoor while sipping our coffee and enjoying our delicious food.



immediately after lunch, we then fly to venice for the well known boat ride. being in the boat with just both of us and the calm water, admiring the vintage architecture at both sides and appreciating the peaceful environment.


we then leave venice and get to alaska just in time to watch the breathtaking aurora. while we are there under the beautiful aurora, there will be a personal chief to cook us dinner whatever cuisine she desires. feasting on mouthwatering course, overwhelmed by the aurora all over our head and enjoying the moment staring into each others eyes.

i'll then end the night with a gentle kiss on her hand to show appreciation of such wonderful day spent with such wonderful person.