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Tuesday, December 29, 2009, 3:15 AM
Parents' Silver Jubilee Anniversary

mom and dad

on the 28th, it was my parents 25th anniversary and they decided to make it as simple as possible. we headed to a restaurant near times square called "sakura" to celebrate my parents anniversary. 

well the restaurant wasn't the best in kl in terms of service, food, environment etc. but we still went there because we had one of the best moment together there when me and my sis were still very young. 

when i was there all the memory came back crystal clear in my head like it was on live feed. the place that we sat, the foods that we had and the laughters we shared. i dont think that any other restaurant would give a such wonderful time.

although it wasn't long but it was still very meaningful night with my family. here are the shots i took when we were at sakura. enjoy!

my sakura's grilled chicken.

mom and her nasi lemak. the same thing she had years back.

dad and his noodles

oh my sis! still being fed by mom.

i guess my mom just like to feed ppl. she looks so happy when doing so

parents fooling around!

me and my sis

my parents and i

my parents and my sis

as you can see that we couldn't be able to have a complete family pic because one of us had to hold the cam right? and it was kinda hard to camwhore so eventually we had to ask other ppl to help us out. so i asked a waiter and our conversation went...

me       :excuse me, can you help us to take a picture?
waiter   :oh ok sure
me      : ok,(passed the cam to him and assume he dont know how to use it) you click half and              wait for the beep then only you fully click.
waiter   :which one? (the confused expression)
me       :this one.
waiter   : oh ok.

while he was about to take, there was a lady that wanted to cross and she stopped for him to get it done with. i went to him after 2 shots and the conversation continued

me       : there's someone that wanna cross
waiter   : oh ok.
me       :there's someone that wanna cross..
waiter   :oh ok (but all he does was stood still)
me      : there's someone that wanna cross!! (i got a little frustrated as i somehow couldn't make him understad me)
waiter   :oh ok (AGAIN!! stood still)
lady      : excuse me. (tap his shoulder gently)

i think he only understood what i was trying to tell him after that lady tapped on his shoulder. he felt quite embarrassed. he pass me back my cam and walk away. later on, my family and i kinda laugh about it as he "oh ok" so many times and did nothing. 

i think he heard us laughing and made him felt more embarrassed. i know right, i'm such an ass for laughing at others! now i feel guilty for what i did. 

this is the end result. it was suppose to be vertical. but i like the angle and the blurry effect the waiter unintentionally made.
so thx alot! credits go the the waiter!

a white lady saw the situation that we were in so she came over and offer to help us out. i think she knew how to use a SLR. she held it quite confidently and the result came out better. it was very nice of her. thx

this was the result. one happy family!

 when we were about to head home i could have directed my dad to a faster way back to my apartment but instead i kept quiet and let him took a longer way around kl just so i could  spend that extra time with them even though it was in the car.

p.s: i'm glad you love the view from my balcony.