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Wednesday, December 16, 2009, 11:44 AM
A Day Spent at Genting

Christmas Carol

just got back from genting and as i promise you all there will be more pics of xmas deco from different places so here i am again showing you all the deco at genting. since today my class ended at 10 in the morning so i took the time to go genting to see see look look!!

was very disappointed when i reach there, the decos weren't as bombastic as i thought it was. somehow the disappointment in me grew bigger and i was kinda down the whole day even right now i'm blogging with a rather low mood.

but it didnt stop me from taking pics at genting. just that i didnt had the full drive to take tons of pic. 

so genting used candies and chocolates as their theme for the deco. pretty similar to the deco at KLCC. isn't candies and sweet stuff suppose to make you happy? why was i turn down twice at KLCC and Genting.

here's how the deco up in genting looks like. do enjoy!

wall made of Chocolate!

chocolate strawberry pokey! huge pokey

oreos and cookies

candy canes

christmas tree

jingle bells

christmas stockings

happy caroling!

silent night, holy night.

when you're at Genting, most of the things there associate with money and gambling cause its malaysia's only casino. why isn't that obvious? so, they had santa claus of all shapes and sizes.

this was in front of the casino.

santa claus or "choy san yeh"? you tell me.

the western santa

christmas ball

white flowers on a christmas tree


this is something you dont usually see. i like how the decorate it

stars and xmas ball!

my housemates and i out in the cold!

we passed by the arcade and this girl really caught my attention. well no, its not some hot chick or she hitting on me. it is because she was playing one of the game which i dont exactly know what is it called but it involve a right and a string of complicated wire that you are require to pass the ring from one end to another without touching it.

her hands were so steady and firm. she took it slow and yes she manage to pull it thru for the very 1st time i presume. but when she received her prize, she pass it to her bf and then only i realize she was playing it since i dunno when!

its like when she play she will win every time without fail. even the worker was so confident in her that she will win, he chit chat with her bf instead of watching her every move!

here's the superstar! 
damn! i wonder she must have played alot of sticks. thats why she's so firm with holding a stick. hehe

when she swiped all the grand prize. there was none left for the rest that was waiting to play and they left. well even if you know you cant win, knowing the grand prize is there will motivate you but all of them was taken by her so i dont think the rest would even put their luck on it. so the worker connivence the bf to play 1 more round to add up the sales or so.

and so he did, but isn't as good as his gf!

all mine!! no mercy for the rest

the man that was trying to win gift for his son.
if you look carefully enough you can spot the red dart. hehe