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Wednesday, November 4, 2009, 3:28 AM
AAR live in Malaysia.

The All-American Rejects

Last saturday was the all american rejects concert which was held at Bukit Jalil's  car park. during the morning itself i was all pumped up for the concert later that evening. Then i start calling all my friends making sure of the time and venue that we're meeting up before leaving.

without realizing, i annoyed all of them. at the end, all grouped in my house as we couldn't decide where to meet. we left my house at 3.

went to the concert with Ken, Jason, Junyi, Qian, Lyra, Choy Leng, Adrian, Kevin, Lim Kevin, Yu Fang, Chun, Shin Yee, Beng Meng, Belinda and few of her friends.

We reached at 3.30 and there i go thinking we were damn early. But believe you me, i was so so wrong. the queue was so freaking long when we reach!

apparently from what i've heard, there was some hard core die hard fan started queuing since the night before the concert!!

This was taken at approximately 3.45p.m

did i mentioned, the weather wasn't friendly to all of us. The heat was killing !! but still people que to wait for the concert. So we came up with taking turns to que!! though i feel that there's not much different if all of us que together.

This Was Taken At Approximately 4.30p.m.

Oh, majority were teenagers there that day. felt quite old at the time. 

At 4.30p.m., the que went all the way back to the KTM station. so you imagine how long was the que!! 

Adrian, Chun, Shin Yee, Lyra and I.

As The Sun wasn't burning bright as it was then, all of us que together.

Group Pic!

Junyi, Lyra, Zinger and Ken!

Me and my Zinger!!

when the gates finally open for entry, people turn to monkeys and start pushing their way to the front. took us forever to get in.

Choy Leng and I went in 1st and we got a pretty nice spot close to the stage. sweet!!

Chun, Shin Yee and I

All were pretty patient waiting for AAR's performance except for the grumpy Chun!!

After a LONG wait, the all american rejects finally came on stage with an excellent opening! they played move along as their opening followed by fallin' apart and i lost count of their songs as i was too into the whole atmosphere.

Tyson nailing before Nick!

First of all, their songs are awesome. when they do it live its like their songs went to the next level. the whole band was like flying on stage while playing their songs. excellent showmanship especially tyson with is dance and moves. his voice was flawless and i have to admit that is better hearing them live than on CDs.

overall the night was fun and exciting! had a great time with all my friends at A&W after the show.

Group Pic 2.

Credits to Shin Yee for the pictures.