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Sunday, January 31, 2010, 5:28 AM
A Series of Unfortunate Events

a big sorry to all my readers that i've not been updating my blog for almost a month now. at 1st it was due to exams and thought that i could start blogging right after exams but then my laptop broke down on the 1st day of my holidays.

all thx to my laptop, i couldn't be able to follow my dad to penang for thaipusam and had to spent the whole day in one of the IT mall in kl to get it done. the mall was freaking cold and eventually led to high fever. the best part is that i felt sick on saturday night and 4am on monday i will be flying off to east malaysia.

well looking on the brighter side of my holidays. i went to kl with jenny to alter my jeans and got something new!! then we head to sunway college for the nike day held by the psychology society. during the seminar/ workshop, they thought us what's the meaning of fitness and healthy. besides that, they demonstrate some mini workouts that can help us toned up.

these are some of the workouts they thought
for chest

for abs

for calfs

now everyone do along!

me, jenny, ryan, melvin and jason

this was definitely not an unfortunate event!

well i said i got something new from kl right? wanna know what it is?

goodbye to my old and dirty wallet!

and a BIG HELLO to my new wallet! 

i'm so in love with it now!

well i should be getting some rest now and pack for my trip! sry guys, will be away for another week.

but do stay tune, next up! night with the psychs!