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Friday, December 18, 2009, 12:08 PM
Starbucks Mini Marathon

wont trade them for anything

its was a thursday night and yes it was ladies night but i'll pass. 3 different group of friends invited me to 3 different clubs, sry guys. Instead, i chose to spend my night with a bunch of friends and have a great time.

when i met up with all of them at starbucks, i knew i did not made the wrong decision. laughters are all around us, a little gossiping and alot of chit chatting.

took a few pics, so here they are. enjoy

my cup of mocha frappuccino. i guess that's the only drink i'll order from starbucks

carmen!! and her own starbucks bottle. didnt know with this bottle you can actually have 2 bucks off. can consider about it.

Belinda and Ken

Carmen and Jenny

Jared and Karen

friday! went to putrajaya with sandy, ken, belinda, chun and shin yee. was suppose to go there to do some night photo shoots but the park was closed when we reach. so we went over to Alamanda shopping mall. 

it was my first time going there and so was the rest. that leave us all clueless of the place. even with the aid of shin yee's GPS and my so called intuition. it was still hard to get our ass there.

Alamanda shopping mall was our last resort as the parks were all close and we dont know where was the famous putrajaya bridge. when i stepped into the mall, the 1st question pops up in my head was "why did i ever come here?". it was like a dead town and the mall was just a pure turn off.

so that lead us to hang at starbucks, the only place we could agree with over there. 

sandy!! she thought me the rule of thirds. 

more laughters

both stoning

then laughing? 

she got the serial killer look. pls dont kill me belinda, i'll give you ken

one group pic before we leave the ghost town!
is it just  me or the heads in this pic are gradually descending from left to right.

p.s: do cheer up cause nothing beats the smile on your face