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Friday, February 26, 2010, 1:17 AM
EastDays Part 5: On The Top of The World

my very 1st panorama shot! and its the Kota Kinabalu!

for this part around, we woke up pretty darn early to get packing and dressed to go on a 2 hours road trip to the hills! well some of you might think we actually climb the mt kk. unfortunately, our motive being at the east was to eat, play, enjoy and sleep and not to torture ourself mentally and physically by climbing that mountain. 

though we've made consideration on coming back just to hike it as a part of our lifetime achievements. for me, i'm an outdoor person and love the wild life nature! 

so we were all fast asleep when the van took us up the bumpy road at the foot of the hill. when we all open our eyes for the quick nap we took, the Mt. KK was just right in front of us. was overwhelming me and hell it was beautiful to its very bits!

somehow we couldn't resist the temptation of the beauty of the mountain. we stopped the driver and instantly a few of us photo-bugs went straight to get our shots!

after that we hoped on the van and continue a short distant to a flat area where souvenirs are all around, traditional crackers and fruits are sold there too! even the well known long how was there! and the the view over there was alot better than the stop we made not far below. what a waste of time..

after all those souvenir shopping we continued our journey to the national park. the night before we head to the hills i asked casually whether will it be cold up there and one of my friend said its not as cold as genting. my my, thank god i didnt buy it and abandon my jacket. if i do so i'll be shivering like soak kitten thrown out in the cold!

after a tour around the national park, we head down to the poring hot spring national park!! it was time to heat out the cold in us after long hours! well at the hot spring, many humorous event happened that got us all crack up on the floor. 

one of it was when i took out my jacket to enter the hot spring. not realizing that my skin was reddish burnt due to the fun time i had under the sun a day before. coincidently, my jacket was red as well so when i took off my jacket and had the 1st glance at my own burnt skin. for a second there i thought my jacket's colour faded onto my skin.

after a few hours at the steamy bath in the hot springs, we head back to our hotel up in the hills and enjoy the freezing night there.

word is piling up and now picture time! enjoy!

group shot with the aid of the tripod on self timer.
i wasnt looking else where, i didnt had enough time to run to the group and look to the cam!

i look so kiddy la!!

beauty beauty!

shop lots at the flat top along the hill

long house!

and its filled with souvenir instead of residences

up on the watch tower!

bumpy road ahead no matter where you turn to!

the bright coloured unbloom flowers at the national park

chilling at the national park's museum
river stream at poring!

clouds made up of tree brunches!

see that man in red stripes infront? his also one of the events that left up laughing on the floor helplessly

a shot before we cook ourself!

waiting for the water level to raise.

of cause its a thumbs up! or else there wouldn't be vapor collected on chaik kang's glasses right?

the over steaming heat got my brain wires screwed up a little resulting for my unusual posture!

the cute aborigine! bye bye!

the other after this was dark, cold and all the tired faces. 

now it leave us to the last day of the trip. every min and second meant alot to us and treasured. a little fun time in the memorial park, in the wood and not so fun in the Philippine street and also wanna watch the sun falls on us while we part ways with the east? 

all in the next and final post of the eastdays trip! 

till then take care