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Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 5:52 AM
I Have An Addiction To Confess.

hello, this time around i have no pictures to share with you. i wanna share something else instead with my dear readers.

lately i find something very addictive and i'm hooked to it. few years back, i have a mindset that doing so is such a waste of time and not productive. passing by people that are doing it makes me feel sick and lifeless lifestyle they have. but little do i know, time changes me.

all it took was just once. the 1st time and then the 2nd and before i know it, i had my two feet in a dirty mud and even if i can get it out i wouldn't want to. and hell it was great doing it. 

whenever i'm doing it i makes my surrounding stop leaving me in my own world. like i'm all alone having the time of my life. and did i get to the best part yet. it for sure makes me high! 

thinking back, i really cant believe myself being in this position. so addicted to it..

i think you, my dear readers would be even shock to know what i'm addicted to. well most of you might just associate addiction with drugs or what so ever. well i could for sure tell you that its definitely not the average addiction most faced out there. nope, not some expensive yet bitter alcohol, not the tix to space marijuana shit, not the cigarette that you buy just to kill youself and don't even wanna get started on shisha, pointless.

hi i'm hoong. i'm an addict.. i'm addicted to..........................................................................

.................................................reading story books!

well this book titled "the five people you meet in heaven" was my 1st book. it was introduced by many ppl but i refuse to read it until one day it got me thinking what was so nice about reading a story book? sitting there for hours just to get a chapter or two done. so instead of disliking it and head strong hating it, i jump in with two feet and give it a try see whats the high in reading. 

page after page i flipped. as the number increased at the bottom of the page, my concentration tend to be driven into and more eager to find out whats the closure of it.

i have to say that this is one hell of a book! its small but meaningful. very meaningful.


then i got to found out that there was a movie made based on that book. damn, thought i haven't watch it yet. knowing that jon voight is acting as the lead role in the story, its just the best fit for the lead role. if you did read the book you'll know what i mean. so cant wait to watch it!


my current addiction is this! the bartimaeus trilogy! its not your typical harry potter shit in his pants bull-crap. its very dark nasty and dirty even at the very beginning of the story. its about a world thats ruled by magicians and they are not like the typical magician that can cast spells as they like on their free will. in this trilogy, all magicians power wholly depends on jinni or jin to cast it for them. and all these jinni exist in several plane of existance. 

i would love to explain more but i dont wanna spoil the story for those who are interested in it. well thats about it now. will be back on the next post with more PICTURES! that i promise. 

till then, i'll continue reading!