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Wednesday, December 2, 2009, 9:25 AM
Tiring Day

The Year End Sale is BACK!

Today was a tiring day for me as i woke up at 2 in the afternoon knowing that i've got a date at 4 with my wife (Ken) to pavilion to get his jeans and i also need to hit the gym so i jumped out of bed and head to the gym and had an intense and fast workout without having anything to eat before going. its was an orgasmic sensation and felt like fainting at the same time. 

after the intense workout i rushed home and get prepared before 4. moment later, ken called and i had to run like cows and dragons chasing after me just to catch the same bus that ken's on. definitely does help! walk around pavilion and sungai wang. then when i was traveling back home, this taxi driver kept nagging about how useless other taxi drivers are. now, i'm physically and mentally exhausted.


Fountain and sky scrappers!

X'mas deco, AGAIN!

some cool lighting i saw at topshop.

things were low thru out the outing. but the sceneries sure wasn't a low moment for me! and this was one of the bright moment for my day!

The Working-Class Hour Glass! DAMN!!

well chicks are not the only thing in my head. alot of other things brighten up my day too! and one of them is the innocent smile on a kid's face! priceless.

Saw this small little foreign kid was playing with the pebbles on the floor and when she smile while having fun playing with the pebbles just melts my heart. 

cute little thing


ken and chiak kang

all the sky scrappers in a ball.

Off to bed now. hopefully my body would be fully recharged when i wake up.