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Thursday, February 18, 2010, 11:58 AM
EastDays Part 1: Lambir Hills

lambir hill's water fall

two weeks ago. days after my exams, i went to explore east malaysia. when i said eat malaysia i meant both sabah and sarawak. so it was supposingly to be 10 of us but one didnt make it. so that makes it 9 of us! 

it was a 6 days power-packed trip that we travelled to sarawak 1st then followed by sabah. the trip was well planned and time is of essence that we had rush from one destination to another. destination after destination with very minimal rest or some would called  it non productive activities.

instead of wrapping up the the whole 6 days into one super mambo jumbo post with endless pictures which will probably lead you readers to a trip on a roller coaster ride up in your cerebral cortex. i will spilt it into episodes of posts. that, you readers can understand the trip i had better along with the pictures i take without straining you middle finger from constant scrolling on the mouse.

so for the 1st day in sarawak, we were in miri and we headed to lambir hills for its only favorable attraction which is the water fall. well of cause we went thru the jungle to get to the water fall and along the way the fresh air, the bugs clipping sound, shallow river flow along the walkway, wild green trees all high up like reaching out to touch the sky. all of these were something that will calm all your anxieties and tension immediately.

these were the shots i got, do enjoy!

the wooden bridge that can only withhold 10 person each time

dry leaves and water streams

wild mushrooms

green spotted plant

snapshot on the bridge

the trail of fruits leading to the water falls

dried plants all over

the great fall in lambir hill

all having fun in the water

he just loves to jump

i think he made his point clear

guess after a few jumps and his bored of it and let the others have their share

peace in the water

i was the only 1 didnt soak into the cold water because i was still sick!

next up, tales from the ibans and sunrise at cameron hills