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Saturday, December 19, 2009, 11:37 PM
We The Kings | Smile Kid

We The Kings

today's post will be a little different. in stead of blogging about my life, i'll be blogging about what loosen me when i'm tensed, brighten me up when i'm in the blues. i'm talking about music! as time pass, i realized i'm getting more and more depended on music in my everyday life. 

last time i used to think why do people listen mp3s when their travelling even in a short distant but now even walking from one class to another i'll plug in my ipod. thats how depended i am towards music.

so this is one of the bands that i love. their new album "smile kid" was release on the 8th of december. but i'm not sure whether it was release in M'sia or South East Asia. but i know you can get it on iTunes.

here are the tracks on smile kids

1. she takes me high
2. heaven can wait
3. promise the stars
4. the story of your life
5. rain falls down
6. summer love
7. in-n-out (animal style)
8. spin
9. anna maria (all we need)
10. we'll be a dream ft. demi lovato
11. what you do to me

i would strongly recommend you to listen to "she takes me high", "heaven can wait", "spin" and "we'll be a dream"

here's a video from their new album as well titled "heaven can wait" enjoy.